Can anyone update me?

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Can anyone update me?

I haven't watched the Shaytards in a while.. probably about 9 months. They were living in LA when I watched, and Shay had just started his workouts. He still had a beard. Malachi was still alive...

Can anyone update me with what's going on? Just the major things! I know they moved again, why? And I know about Malachi.

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Well where should I start?
Well shay lost over 100 pounds and has run 2 marathons.
He shaved his beard and cut his hair.

Malachi died of old age smiley

The family now does a meatless monday and only has sugar on the weekends.

Shay and Colette now have a podcast.

They now instead of living in the house they used to live in in LA, they live in a apartment.

DeniseVlogs edits the videos so Shay has more time with his family.

They are now in Idaho for a week or so to see family.

That;s all I can think of for now. Hope I could help.